Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse Review

When the Surface Go was released a few months ago, I was impressed by its overall package but also can’t avoid that its underwhelming processor (at least for my daily work) means that it definitely cannot be my main computer. However, I was also intrigued by that little guy besides the Surface Go on the computer’s ads: the Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse. It is available in many different color and there’s a silver one that matched my Surface Pro 4’s color. I once used the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse and although it was comfortable to hold, it drops the Bluetooth connection way too often for me and eventually the left click is unusable, so I think now is a perfect opportunity to try this new mouse.

With the help from one of my colleagues, I was able to get my own Surface Mobile Mouse from the US to here in Indonesia. After using the mouse for more than a month, here’s my review of the mouse.

When I hold the mouse for the first time, it felt so thin to me. Perhaps much too thin that my palm must rest much more parallel to the surface (no pun intended) compared to when I use my regular, wired Logitech G403 Prodigy gaming mouse even with my relatively small hands. The mouse is built on almost-creaky (but not horrible) plastic. The scroll wheel felt a little cheap but still fine and the tracking accuracy just felt like any regular mouse. Also, don’t expect this mouse to pull out smooth, high DPI you usually find in gaming mice.

However, there are also several advantages using this mouse. It is relatively light at 78 grams even with two AAA batteries compared to Logitech’s standard wireless mice (I use Logitech wireless mice for comparison in this post since I think it is the most popular mouse out there) which weigh around 90 grams in average. I can’t quite test the battery life just yet since I didn’t have it long enough to test it, but I can assure you that after more than a month I didn’t feel any reduction in performance or connection drops just like when any wireless mouse is short of battery life. The magnetic battery compartment latch is a nice touch too and good for long term durability, although it can pop off if you drop the mouse. Surface devices are always about magnets, right?

Since it is thin, I can fit and pull out this mouse in and out from my bag compartment much easier than any other mice I’ve ever had. The finishing is pretty good that it looks really sexy next to my Surface, but perhaps the best practical thing of this mouse that it drops connection much, much less than my old Sculpt Comfort Mouse which makes this mouse my travel daily driver when I don’t have any major design work with Photoshop, Premiere, etc. Since it connects via Bluetooth that doesn’t use a receiver dongle, I don’t have to plug my USB Type-A dongle when I have to use my external hard drive and use my mouse at the same time. I miss the additional macro buttons on my gaming mouse for high level productivity, though.

At $35, the Surface Mobile Mouse is a versatile mouse that is still comparable to regular wireless Logitech mice but with nice addition of Bluetooth connectivity that doesn’t need a receiver dongle, thin profile that you may like or not like, and a very nice finish. I wish Microsoft or other companies can figure out how to make a mobile mouse that do not compromise on ergonomics, but for the time being I think this mouse is one of the best in its class.

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